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hello followers!

so i’m a journalism major at UK and this summer i’m interning at a news station in my hometown.

i just started last week and so far it has been awesome! everyday I have gone out with a new reporter and have even gotten to write a few stories for the webpage!

so far the stries i have covered include:

mosquitoes (exciting i know), a man who was shot by police, a man who shot a 3-yr-old through a window - the 3 yr-old died 3 days later, a man who was arrested after a being named the prime suspect for a ring of 15 burglaries, and a couple follow ups on these stories.

write me if you have any questions!!!

i’ll post more with details later!

let’s get down to business

(to defeat the huns…) yep, the song from Mulan just popped into my head and now i’m distracted. but now it’s really time for the main event: JOURNALISM, THE FIRST AMENDMENT AND DEMOCRACY!! (you’re excited, I know)

My definition of journalism is reporting daily events in a way that strives to be true and objective. Today, journalists use a model known as public, or civic, journalism in which they aim to solve community problems by reporting the issues and suggesting an absolution. Now more than ever we are at an all-time high when it comes to the accessibility and amount of information. media is coming at us from all directions and outlets including TV, magazines, newspapers, internet and many more. and although this may seem convenient, it has lead society down a scary road of mud-slinging campaigns and absurdities that the media tries to pass off as fact. 

Democracy is a form of government of the people, by the people, and for the people. It allows each one of us to have a voice and celebrate our freedom. Journalism enables and expands democracy by giving a voice to the voiceless. It allows us to know what is going on not only in our backyard but across the country and across the globe. It keeps us informed on what is working and where humanity is falling apart.

A famous debate regarding the public’s ability to govern itself is that between Walter Lippmann and John Dewey (not like the dewey decimal system…i checked). In his book, “Public Opinion,” (1922) Lippmann suggested that he had no faith in a democracy in which people had the power. He didn’t trust the originality of public opinion because he believed that it was shaped by public leaders. Dewey responded to Lippmann’s book five years later with his own literature entitled “The Public and its Problems.” Dewey’s argument was that once relevant facts are made public, the role of discussion is to determine the exact nature of the common good in that particular situation. Dewey had great faith in public’s ability to learn how to govern itself, yet Lippmann was skeptical of the public’s policy-making ability.

The first amendment says “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” Because I aspire to be a journalist and because I’m an American, every single one of these protections is important to my life. I practice my religion when and how I want without government interference, I have the ability to post this blog for anyone with internet access to read because of my freedom of speech, and I am currently in the seemingly never-ending process of drafting a bill to be lobbied in Congress, which I can do because of my ability to petition the Government. Without these rights I would be among the voiceless, without these rights, I would be among the shadows of ideas that are never born because government oppression aborts them. 

Although I believe that my own thoughts, ideas, views, and opinions are important, I also value exposure to those different from my own. Diversity of thought allows me to think about things I wouldn’t have otherwise. It allows me to see things from someone else’s perspective and shape my own opinions accordingly. Diversity expands my ideas and makes me grow as a student, an artist, and a person. Democracy needs diversity because without it we would have a dictatorship: one person leading everyone else on a single, uniform train of thought of which everyone was a passenger heading in the same direction. 

Journalists and the first amendment ensure that people hear diverse voices by providing the truth. This statement can be tricky because as an experienced professor once told us, there are 3 dimensions of truth: the historical perspective, what someone says, and what actually happened. these three aspects alone provide us with diversity of thought because very rarely do they align. In the media today we see diversity by way of interviews, different reporters and stations covering the same story, and personal interpretation. 

Although politics bore me I paid very close attention to the recent midterm election; the kentucky races for Senate, House, and Lexington Mayor in particular. I made my initial decisions on which candidates i liked and using local newspapers and web pages I changed my mind again and again. Journalism played a huge part in my process of coming to public judgment for this year’s midterm election. Different newspapers presents stories and candidates differently and although much of it wasn’t true, I finally made up my mind on which candidates I would elect. 

If by any chance anyone made it this far besides my jou 101 TA who has to read this, thank you. It means a lot to me that you would take time out of what i am SURE is a very busy schedule to read about what I have to say. unfortunately i don’t think readers can leave comments on this blog sit but if you read this far i am very grateful and i would love to hear your comments on anything and everything i said here. i’m on facebook: lindsey austin. so find me and send me a message!!

thanks again for reading!

like i said, we go way back. this is Rachelle’s 6th birthday party. believe it or not we actually bought matching sleepwear today! we haven’t changed much…

like i said, we go way back. this is Rachelle’s 6th birthday party. believe it or not we actually bought matching sleepwear today! we haven’t changed much…

Rachelle and I as the wardrobe and cogsworth in our dance studio’s recital of “Beauty and the Beast” in 2007

Rachelle and I as the wardrobe and cogsworth in our dance studio’s recital of “Beauty and the Beast” in 2007

if we were a movie

yes, i did use a hannah montana song as a title to one my posts, at least i think that’s what the song is called…

anyways i thought it was appropriate for this post because my roommate i recently decided that we should bug our own room and film ourselves because we find ourselves very entertaining and think everyone else would agree.

maybe it’s a had-to-be-there kinda thing, but let’s just say we have a hard time getting homework done because we’re usually too busy distracting each other to be productive. my roommate has recently found a new thing to collect…pick-up lines. she looks them up online and proceeds to recite them to me for long periods of time. i have to admit, some of them are pretty funny, my new favorite: if i an enzyme i would be helicase so i could unzip your genes. i may also mention that my roommate is a biology major and found this pick-up line hilarious. if you have any suggestions for her please feel free to post them on here and i’ll be sure to pass them along.

another episode of our daily lives would include my roomie (we’ll call her R) finding a tape measure that her grandmother gave her for college (as if there was a practical reason to have a tape measure in a college dorm room). i don’t remember what she had for dinner that night but it must have contained sugar because R proceeded to wrap herself up in the tape measure and walk hop around the room while trying to get ready for bed.

i really wish i could remember and pass on all the moments we’ve had but i just don’t have that much time in the day (especially sunday which is my homework day). 

because this blog is for a class i should probably finish with something clever or insightful or full of advice so my TA doesn’t feel like reading this is a complete waste of time. so here it is: my roommate and I have been best friends since we were 4 months old. we went to preschool and elementary school together, we dance together for 10 years and now we’re starting the newest chapter of our lives together, college. Of course when we decided to room together everyone we knew tried to talk us out of it. i know why they were cautious, i’ve seen it happen way too many times where girls go off to school together and come back as enemies but rachelle and i knew this wouldn’t and couldn’t happen to us. we’re more than friends, we really are like the same person. i get on her for not making her bed and having to go to the bathroom too much and she tells me to organize my pile of shoes. but at the end of the day we laugh ourselves to sleep after a good look thru texts from last night and wake up the next day finding something else to laugh about. it’s only been 3.5 months but in that time i truly believe we have become even closer than before and in a way we’ve created our own little family (soon to be extended with the addition of a Beta fish). moral of the story listen to other people’s advice because sometimes it may be helpful but at the end of the day know who you are and trust yourself to make the right choices for your life. I decided to live with my best friend and now we’re closer than ever. 

it’s been a great 18 years and i can’t wait for another 80 more with my cat-loving, dancing, nerdy, make-up loving, boy crazy, hilarious best friend :)

People may expect too much of journalism. Not only do they expect it to be entertaining, they expect it to be true.
Lewis H. Lapham
a little journalism humor never hurt anyone…

a little journalism humor never hurt anyone…


hey guys!

i’m gonna start out by being completely honest when i say that i have no idea what i want my blog to be about. i also like to ramble so this blog will definitely have a conversational format.

i’m actually creating this blog for my journalism class, and who really feels creative when it comes to writing something for a class?

right now i’m taking suggestions on what you guys would like to hear about. i’m taking any and all suggestions (i’ll even consider the stupid ones). i’m willing to be completely honest when i respond to your questions or suggested topics so i guess that could get interesting as well.

i also like to give advice so if you have a random question that you wouldn’t wanna ask someone you actually know you can just post it on here and it can be completely anonymous.

like my url says i was born to entertain to hopefully this blog will bring about some enjoyment for someone out there!

like auditions, this blog is a first look at what can be created. it’s like putting out a casting call and seeing what people decide to bring to the table. i can’t put on this show without some help from you guys via suggestions and/or feedback. i really do want to create something interesting for my readers and i can’t do that unless we work together! (plus my grade for this assignment depends on it haha)